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Softr vs. Glide: A Detailed 2024 Review & Test

Compare Softr vs.Glide, learn what sets them apart, and find a more cost-effective alternative with even better service.
Written by
Francisco Opazo
Last updated
June 7, 2024

Out of dozens of app builders, Softr and Glide stand out for their modern design and useful features.

Even though they seem very similar at first, Softr's strength lies in its simplicity, while Glide is more customizable. This Softr vs. Glide review will show you their strengths and weaknesses to help you decide which is better for your needs. 

We'll walk you through the process of creating an app with each tool step by step so you can see how they work in practice and make a clearer comparison. Finally, we’ll also explore Bettermode, a user-friendly web app builder with customizable templates.

Softr vs. Glide: Full Comparison

First,  let’s review the features of both no code tools to see how their templates, customization options, and data storage differ!



  1. Softr: Users can access various design options, including layout tools, multiple themes, and custom design elements. This allows them to create visually appealing app designs according to their preferences. Additionally, they can integrate CSS into the glide pages for more control. Pricing for packages ranges from $49 to $139 per month.
softr templates options
  1. Glide: Glide provides a variety of templates for different categories like CRM & Pipeline and booking. Prices for these templates range from $4.99 to $999.99.
glide templates options


  1. Softr: Softr offers fewer personalization and customization options compared to Glide. However, it does provide a "Custom code block" feature, which lets users insert code snippets like CSS, JavaScript, and HTML for additional customization.
softr customization options
  1. Glide: Glide offers more customization features than Softr, including themes, custom design elements, and enhanced design control. As a result, developers seeking to create creatively unique and aesthetically pleasing designs may find Glide more suitable than Softr.
glide customization options

Data Storage 

  1. Softr: You can store data in Softr's Intranet, which has a strong backup to build the web application on top of Google Sheets data or Airtable.
softr data storage
  1. Glide: Glide has a high-quality CMS for gathering and storing valuable data on customer insights, support tickets, and inventory. Programmers can access this data through the Glide table using HTTP requests and RESTful principles. Additionally, Glide supports key authentication for added security.


  1. Softr: You can generate an API key from your account to interact with the API endpoints. Simply navigate to your dashboard, go to "API settings," and click "Generate API Key." The system will automatically create the API key for you to use. This key allows you to interact with your Softr application through the API.
  1. Glide: Glide's API features an automated data management system that connects you to the Glide Table. With it, you can easily add rows, customize column values, and delete or add rows as needed. For businesses, this capability grants access to all rows and enables querying of Big Tables using SQL.


  1. Softr: Offers limited options for layout, tables, and other components in its UI/UX. This makes it a good choice for those seeking a simple design. However, for more creative purposes, there might be better alternatives available.
softr ui ux

  1. Glide: Includes a component library featuring useful elements such as text fields, buttons, and media embeds. This enables users to customize page features like layout, tabs, and menu sections according to their needs.
glide ui ux


  1. Softr: Integrates with tools like Google Sheets and Airtable for data, Stripe for payments, and Zapier for connecting with other apps. It also works with Mailchimp for email marketing and Google Analytics for tracking user responses.
  1. Glide: Offers productivity tools like Asana, Google Calendar, and DocuSign for employee management and performance tracking. You can also integrate Glide with various platforms such as Google Analytics, Google Maps, Tag Manager, Gmail, Siphy, and more.



  1. Free: $0/month – Unlimited app visitors, 5 internal/100 external app users, supports 5 workspace collaborators, and 1 custom domain.
  2. Basic: $49/month – Custom CSS, 10 internal/1000 external app users, Embed Softr apps, option to purchase extra custom domains.
  3. Professional: $139/month—Features like charts, calendar, inbox, and Kanban, 50 internal/5000 external app users, 10 workplace collaborations, and removal of Softr branding.
  4. Business: $296/month - Org, charts, timeline, SMS logins, 100 internal/10,000 external app users, 15 workspace collaborators, downloadable mobile applications - PWA.
  5. Enterprise: Custom pricing - Tailored packages with volume, security, and support according to individual needs.
softr pricing


For Individuals 

  1. For makers: 10 members, 2 editors, and 1 published application with limited updates. 
  2. Maker: For $60 a month, you can have unlimited members, 500 updates/ month, 2 editors, and unlimited apps.

For companies

  1. Team: $125/month - Includes 20 users, unlimited applications, and 25,000 rows of data. Additional users cost $4 each.
  2. Business: $310/month - Includes 40 users, all "Team" plan features, and 10 rows of data. Extra users cost $6 each.
  3. Enterprise: Starting at $1200/month - Includes everything in the Business plan plus custom terms. Contact sales for tailored package pricing.
glide pricing



  1. Easy to use 
  2. Responsive customer support 
  3. Integration with Airtable 


  1. Offer user-friendly interface
  2. Multiple customizable solutions 
  3. Enhanced data connectivity 
  4. Has a built-in CMS system. 
  5. Flexible deployment 

User ratings 


Users love Softr for its ability to solve problems not addressed by Airtable, especially in terms of security and collaboration with external users. They value the platform's flexibility and the supportive setup process. One of the downsides is the need to map attachment fields twice, once for images and again for PDFs.

  • G2 Rating: 4.8 
softr user reviews

Image source: G2


Users love Glide for its simplicity and integration with spreadsheets. They enjoy its great user experience and design. However, some find it more expensive than alternatives like Bubble, and API integrations are limited to Business plans.

  • G2 Rating: 4.7 

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glide user reviews

Image source: G2

Softr vs. Glide—How to build a web application 

App creation with Softr 

  1. To get started, log in to your account and select a template from the pre-made options or click "New Application" to begin from scratch.
app creation with softr step 1
  1. Add your data source—for instance, Google Sheets.
app creation with softr step 2
  1. Now, you can build your app by importing data from Sheets and utilizing all the tools available on the dashboard.
app creation with softr step 3
  1. By selecting the "Page" option, you can customize page names like "Home," "Clients," and more. You can modify the text for actions such as "Forgot your password" and similar.
app creation with softr step 4
  1. After selecting the "Theme" option, you can experiment with fonts, colors, adding logos, and other customization features.
app creation with softr step 5
  1. In the "Users" section, you can adjust access permissions and change who can access what.
app creation with softr step 6
  1. The "Settings" section allows you to customize SEO settings, add custom code, integrate with other apps, and more.
app creation with softr step 7
  1. Once you've customized your site to your liking, simply click "Publish," and your final result will be live.
app creation with softr step 8

App creation with Glide 

  1. Log in to your account and open "Templates." Then, click on "Visit Template."
app creation with glide step 1
  1. Choose a template you like (e.g., Community events) and click "Create this app."
app creation with glide step 2
  1. Now, you'll see the feature in the phone's view. You can click on the top right corner to switch it to the desktop version.
app creation with glide step 3
  1. Click "Event management" to edit all the events on the list. 
app creation with glide step 4
  1. You can change the URL slug from the right side.
app creation with glide step 5
  1. Click on “My Events” to edit or remove registration from the events. 
app creation with glide step 6
  1. Use the “Component” section to mix things up and present your table data in different ways.
app creation with glide step 7
  1. With separate components, you can add vertical space between elements. 
app creation with glide step 8
  1. You can style your text using the “Text” feature.
app creation with glide step 9
  1. Add Buttons to trigger actions. Select a tab, then choose the button component. Pick a style and decide whether to show or hide the label.
app creation with glide step 10
  1. Lastly, click Publish, and your site will be visible to visitors. 
app creation with glide step 11

How Bettermode bridges the gap between Softr and Glide

While Softr and Glide aim to be user-friendly, Bettermode takes a more straightforward approach to app creation. 

Its clear template selection and customization process allow users to easily browse templates and personalize their apps. Bettermode's intuitive CMS further simplifies content management and makes organising and modifying content easy.

App creation with Bettermode 

To help you decide which website builder is best for you, we've included a step-by-step guide to creating with Bettermode. This way, you can compare it with the previous two options and see if it's a better fit.

  1. Log in to the account and browse templates. 
app creation with bettermode
  1. Choose the template and click on "Use template."
app creation with bettermode step 2
  1. Click on the Publish settings. 
app creation with bettermode step3
  1. Click on the second icon on the left bar for customization 
app creation with bettermode step 4
  1. You can change or remove the post. Click on each and choose the button “Add post” in the right corner. 
app creation with bettermode step 5
  1. Fill in what’s asked. 
app creation with bettermode step 6
  1. Click on Spaces to see all the available site parts. 
app creation with bettermode step 7
  1. You can customize the site by adjusting the bar, images, text, and more.
app creation with bettermode step 8
  1. Click on the CMS pages in “Design Studio”.
app creation with bettermode step 9
  1. Now, you can find sections called “Containers” to add elements like content, links, tags, etc. 
app creation with bettermode step 10
  1. Adjust logos, fonts, and styles from "Appearance." 
app creation with bettermode step 11
  1. You can change the log by selecting the "Logo" option. You can upload your log and choose between the light or dark modes. 
app creation with bettermode step 12
  1. Hit “Save changes”.
app creation with bettermode step 13
  1. Click on the "Settings" icon and hit the Publish button. And that is it! Your site will be live!
app creation with bettermode step 13

Comparison table

Templates Customization Own CMS/Integrations User-friendliness Best for Pricing
Bettermode 11 ready-to-use web application templates. Multiple templates are in progress and will launch soon. Multiple Customizable templates and design elements are available. Own CMS and 20+ integration options. Flexible and simple to learn. Businesses of all level Offers free plans
Others start at $24 a month.
Softr Multiple templates are available Offers less customization in comparison to the other options. Multiple data sources and integration options Easy to learn for beginners Small to mid-level organization Offers free trial. Other plans start at $49 a month
Glide Over 100 templates to use. Moderate customization options
The free plan is ideal for small-sized businesses.
Own CMS and over 30 integration options. Drag and drop features are available. Small to mid-level companies Obtains a free plan for first-time visitors
Others start from $60 a month.


From the above debate between Softr and Glide, we've seen that both services have strengths. Softr stands out for its user-friendly interface, while Glide excels at handling complex setups and offers excellent features.

When comparing Bettermode to Sofr vs. Glide, Bettermode stands out for offering more flexibility and advanced features to create apps.

It’s a great solution for creating forums, online classes, a knowledge base, job boards, product roadmaps, and more.

Get started, it is free!


What is the difference between Softr and Glide apps? 

While both solutions are good, Glide app edges ahead slightly due to its wider range of customization options. Both options offer a simple way to build internal tools and internal apps without any coding skills. 

Which is better: Softr or Bubble? 

It depends on your requirements. If you are looking for a simple and easy-to-use interface, Softr is the best choice for you. However, if you want something more creative and service suitable for content-focused websites and portfolios, you should go for Bubble. 

What is the use of Softr? 

Softr is a no-code app development platform that lets you build web apps quickly, even if you're not a coder. With its templates and tools, it's easy to create a web app without any coding expertise

Should you use Framer? 

Choosing the right platform depends on your needs. Framer is a no-code platform with advanced features, perfect for graphic designers and those with some experience who want precise control over prototype design and behavior. While it's accessible to anyone, beginners may find creating web and mobile apps challenging.

Francisco Opazo
Head of Growth & Community, Bettermode

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