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How to Create a Job Board in 9 Steps

An easy and quick step-by-step tutorial on creating a job board completely code-free with no hidden costs whatsoever.
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Francisco Opazo
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July 1, 2024

Having your job board has its perks, like having complete control over the hiring process and having candidates apply anytime and anywhere—all without having to pay a single dime to promote positions.

However, creating a perfect and user-friendly job board can be time–consuming and costly, especially if you are considering hiring a development team.

Thankfully, with a template, you can easily build and publish your job board in less than ten steps.

In this article, we'll show you how to create your own board using our jobs-specific template, building blocks, preset collections and other advanced features of Bettermode.

How to create a job board for free

Although hiring someone to create your job board website has benefits, you can get the same advantages or better by using a web app builder.

Fortunately, you don't have to be exceptionally tech-savvy or know coding to learn how to create a job board using no-code tools. Thanks to Bettermode and its customizable templates, you can create a fully functional website in just a few clicks.

So without further ado, let's start creating your job board.

  1. Set up your free Bettermode account

Before we can even start creating our job board, register using your e-mail or Google account.

A picture of Bettermodes sign up dashboard.

Source: Bettermode

Next, answer a couple of questions to help us better understand your company or organization. Don't worry, as this will take only a couple of seconds.

A picture of questions Bettermode asks during onboarding.
  1. Browse and choose your template

Feeling overwhelmed by staring at a blank canvas? You don't have to be!

Even though you can create a simple job board from start to finish, Bettermode allows you to pick and choose from various templates. You can preview the ones you like and tailor them to your liking.

A picutre showcasing different templates that Bettermode has to offer.

Source: Bettermode

We have a customizable Job Finder template for a job board. It is great for creating online job boards and job board websites because of its dual purpose.

This template allows companies and organizations to:

  • Display job listenings
  • Help recruiters connect with potential candidates
  • Create user profiles
A preview of Bettermodes JobFinder template.

Source: Bettermode

  1. Start with the general settings

After picking your template, it's time to start customizing. To access the web app builder, click on your profile picture at the upper right corner, select administrator, or simply press the control C on the desired page you'd like to customize.

A picture showing how to access Bettermodes web app builder.

This website builder offers various customization elements that you can use to change your theme, add call-to-action buttons, insert job listings, customize your members' profiles and other unique features.

  1. Come up with your job board name and domain

By clicking the control C and then settings, we'll first start by inputting our domain.

An easy way to develop a good job board name and domain is by figuring out the type you'd like to create.

A picture showing how to set up your website's domain

To save your name and domain changes, remember to click the start migration button at the right corner of the page.

  1. Create your job board

Now that you've set up the basics, it's time to design your online job board.

One of the most important features of a good job board is its appearance. Its design should be professional and user-friendly, with plenty of white space to minimize potential clutter.

As you can already see, the home page of this template allows you to easily:

  • Spot the search bar for specific job listings
  • Find new job postings and open positions
  • Explore popular employment opportunities
  • Help employers connect with talent network
The home page of Bettermodes Job Finder template.

However, for the intent of this article, we'll focus on how to create a job board by starting with the Design Studio. First, click on your profile picture, select administration and find the studio.

A picture showing how to find the Design Studio through administration.

To create a job board layout for your website, click on Collections and Spaces. From here, you can choose to edit the preset collections or create your own.

For example, by clicking on the collection "website," you can customize the existing pages found in this category.

A picture showing the pages found under the website collection.

Additionally, you can create new Collections and Spaces by clicking the Add Collection button.

A picture showing where to find the add collection button.

From here, you can name your collection and add a brief description.

A picture showing where to name and add a description of a new collection.

Once you've created your collection it's time to add in a space.

A picture showing how to add a space to a new collection.

To make it more convenient for you, we've created a variety of building blocks for quicker customization. You can start from a blank canvas or create a page dedicated to articles, events, questions, discussions, etc.

A list of all different pages that users can choose for their collection.

To create a page dedicated to job seekers, let's select Jobs and click on Use Template to save our changes.

A picture showing where to find the jobs buliding block and how to save changes.

After selecting a space, you will be prompted to input your job board name and add the essential information for your new page. On a side note, don't forget to make the page public once you're happy with your design and content.

A picture showing how to name and add a description of a new space.
  1. Personalize the job board layout

Not satisfied with the preset design? Let's personalize!

To edit the existing job listings, click on the three dots on the sidebar next to the list section and go to settings.

A picture showing how to edit a list in administration.

Here you can add a title or a brief description of your page.

Next, click on the All button found under the Tab Views section.

A picture showing where to find the All button.

From here, you can change the layout style, add the number of posts per page and add or remove attention-grabbing filters to pull in your target audience. For job posting sites, we recommend adding filters like salary range, department, location, or publishing date.

You can even select a call–to–action button, ultimately making it easier for job seekers to apply for newly open positions.

A picutre showing all the diffrent ways you could edit your job listing.

Now, let's create our own hero banner. To discard the existing one, hover the mouse over the banner you don't like and click on the upper right corner of the building block.

Once you click on the trash icon, the space header will be removed.

A picture showing how to remove a space header from a template.

To add a new building block, click on the plus sign found next to the Container tab and select the Hero Banner.

A picture showing how to insert new buliding blocks to a space.

Now choose your desired banner.

A picture showing different types of hero banners.

From here, you can select the design you prefer, edit the hero banner height, add artwork or video, change the color of your text, or add a call to action button.

A picture of all the ways you can edit a hero banner.

To move your banner to the top of the page, after clicking "save changes," simply drag and drop the Hero Banner in front of the list tab. There you go—your job board layout is set!

Finally, to update your board's theme, insert the company logo, or change the font or design of your website, go to Appearance, right under the Design Studio.

A picture of all the sections found under the appearance tab.
  1. Add job listings to your job board

Once you're satisfied with your new job board's design and layout, it's time to import jobs to your website.

To edit existing posts, spaces, and tags, click on the content tab in the right sidebar of your screen.

A picture showing all the tabs you can edit in the content section of the administrator.

What sets Bettermode apart from Webflow and other alternatives, is its own content management system (CSM). This handy feature allows you to manage, publish and modify content completely code–free. 

Yes, that's right! With Bettermode, you don't have to worry about buying a CMS and a website builder separately. You can get it all in a single software package—at no extra cost! 

To add job listings to your job board, just select the Add Post button in the upper right corner of the content section or click on the plus sign next to your profile picture. 

A picture showing where you can find the plus sign for creating new content.

To start writing job listings, select the type of post you want to add, fill in the requested information and click publish. 

A picutre showing all the fields you can input for a new job post.

To boost your rankings, activate the search engine optimization tool at the bottom of the page. By using the SEO feature, users can easily find your website when looking up job listings on search engines.

A picture showing all SEO features you can enable for your job post.
  1. Create your community member profiles

According to recent job market trends high-quality user profiles had employers reaching out to individuals who never applied to their vacancies before. Community members who stated their qualifications, past experiences and skills on their user profile caught the attention of employers looking to grow their talent network. 

Thankfully, Bettermode already has a variety of pre-set fields you can select to appear on member profiles, but you can always customize and add additional fields if you prefer.

To customize profiles go to Administration>People> Profile fields

A picture showing all the information you can insert to members' profiles.

To help user profiles stand out to potential employers, add in the most important fields, such as:

  • Birthday
  • Job title
  • Bio
  • Location
  • Country
  • City
  • Gender

There you go, the profile section has been created. Now your community can personalize their profile and update it with relevant information.

  1. Publish your shiny job board

And here's how our job board turned out!

A picture of a completed job board.

Yes, that's right this is all you need to know on how to create a job board completely free!

Now you can finally start attracting candidates through job postings on your newly created website.  P.S. For additional information you can always turn to our knowledge base or reach out to our community.

3 examples of good job boards

Here we've listed a few websites whose user experience stood out the most compared to other job boards. 


The Slack job board, which can be found on their website's career page, uses a simple yet effective design to highlight the most important features of their job listings. 

This basic job board enables candidates to see the exact number of open positions, select job types, and departments and filter through available locations.

A picture of the job board found on Slack's career page.

Source: Slack

After clicking on an open vacancy, interested parties can immediately apply, read the detailed job description, review the requirements and check whether the specific position is remote or on-site.

A picture showing all the details found on a Slack job posting.

Source: Slack


Perhaps one of the easiest job boards used to find job listings. Its simple design prompts job seekers to insert their keyword, location and preferred distance.

Ziprecruiters simple search dashboard.

Source: ZipRecruiter

Once candidates input the needed information, they can view the employer, see the job title and location and read a short job description.

ZipRecruiters job listing appearance.

Source: ZipRecruiter

The ZipRecruiter simple job board can be used by those with a position in mind or who enjoy endlessly scrolling through various listings.


Ikea uses a very strong, straightforward hero section with a good copy to lure in new potential employees. 

Candidates can use the search bar to explore positions and select their desired location. A very neat feature that the Ikea career page also provides is the save job option, making it easier for people to filter through positions and apply. 

A picture of Ikea's career page.

Source: Ikea

Best practices for your own job boards

To attract greater traffic to your job postings, here are three things you should keep in mind before publishing your website.

  1. Create a simple application process: A high-quality job board should always provide an easy application process. By allowing applicants to send their applications directly through job listings, you can save candidates a lot of time and effort.
  2. Notify job seekers with job alerts: Job alerts are a great way to attract job seekers' attention. By receiving information when a new open position becomes available, applicants can apply for a desired position without actually searching for it in the first place.
  3. Add tags: To attract job seekers to specific job postings, try adding tags next to your job posts. Tags usually indicate specific skills a potential candidate should possess when applying for a position. 

How to know if your job board is good?

  1. Analyze your performance

If you want to boost the success rating of your job board website, remember to check out your reports and analytics. With Bettermode, you can get a clear overview of some of the most important metrics that can help you identify the areas you want to improve.

A picture showing the statistics and reports you can find in the administrator.

After tracking and analyzing the key performance indicators (KPIs), you can use these statistics to further improve your website's user experience. We recommend choosing a good method to collect customer feedback, as doing so will most definitely increase your job board's value and effectiveness.

  1. Develop a marketing strategy

Coming up with a good marketing plan is one of the most important things to ensure your job board's success. To pull job seekers, research different marketing strategies to drive community growth to your website.

To give you a head start, we selected some basic strategies most job board websites tend to use for promoting their listings:

  1. Social media marketing: Before promoting your job board, try finding out what social network your target audience uses. Some great networks you could use to promote your job listings include Facebook and Twitter. These networks are perfect for highlighting your job listings regularly.
  2. Email marketing: A handy and low-cost way to promote additional traffic to your website. To obtain a good email database, try collecting this data through the registration process on your site or finding new clients through job fairs. In addition, you may also try setting up job alerts to notify members of new job opportunities.
  3. Paid advertising: Sometimes, relying on organic traffic simply isn't enough. Even though a good marketing plan can include paid ads, this doesn't mean you have to spend all your budget on paid advertising. Figure out what marketing channels cater to your audience and start publishing ads such as social media, search, and display ads.


We understand how frustrating and expensive creating a job board can be. For that reason, we spent hours creating templates and crafting the right tools to make your building process feel like a breeze.

With Bettermode, you can create a job board from scratch or use our templates to save hours in advance.

So what are you waiting for?

Get started, it's free!


How do I start my own job board?

Firstly decide on the type of job board you want to create. Then, collect job listings by reaching out to companies with open positions. If you're tired of spending hours coding your website, with a good job board software like Bettermode, you don't have to start from scratch. Simply register with a free account, select your desired template and create your job board within a couple of hours.

Are job boards lucrative?

Job boards can be quite profitable as they can generate income through subscription plans or adding a monthly fee. Some job boards generate revenue through different types of advertisements and premium services. The more traffic your job board generates, the greater the success and revenue it will receive.

What does a job board do?

Job boards are specific websites that allow employers to list job vacancies and help job seekers apply for positions. There are various types of job boards that you may find online. Some of the most widely used in today's job market include general, niche, company and reverse job boards.

Francisco Opazo
Head of Growth & Community, Bettermode

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